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Hail to President Obama!!

January 20, 2009 Leave a comment


It is official, so let’s start saying, President Obama!! I like the sound of that. I’ll keep this short and sweet (for now). Here’s a link to the full text of his speech as provided by The New York Times Online (the photo comes from them as well). Later I will post the full text, along with embedded video of his speech. For now, read the prophetic call to arms, and humble at this moment in history. It is time to take our place in history, as a generation that rose to meet and conquer the challenges of our time.



A Real Class Act

January 13, 2009 Leave a comment

The U.S. American football community got some expected, but still unwanted news – Tony Dungy, head coach of the Indianapolis Colts is retiring….(for now). Let’s hope one day he changes his mind because he is one coach all teams should have the pleasure of experiencing. One of the best coaches in the history of the game. I just had fun watching him. Dignity and professionalism with a raging passion for the game made Tony Dungy a role model for younger coaches, and veteran ones.

With his family being his most important priority, he has chosen to spend more time with them instead of on the football field. How can you blame him. A few years ago his son committed suicide (how he carried on after that was a test of will and faith). Now with his other son having broken his leg, it is time to step away from the game, and tend to his family. The signs were clear.


Not a man who does it for the glory Dungy recognizes that one Super Bowl ring is all anyone really needs. With coaching records, and accolades from goal post to goal post he has it all. What more is there to prove….Nothing!

Here’s to you Mr. Dungy. A real class act! A true role model!

Check out this NFL video giving a little roundout of Dungy’s career. Just click.


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A History In Great Speeches – Part III – Then Came Iowa

January 12, 2009 Leave a comment

In the next installation leading up to the inauguration lets revisit Iowa. On January 3rd Barack Obama won out over John Edwards and Hillary Clinton, thus sending a signal that he was going to be a force during the primaries. Hillary came back in New Hampshire, and throughout the rest of the primary season showed the grit and determination that makes her who she is. That said, here’s Barack in Iowa. Paving the way for his ultimate victory in November.


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Russian Bear Not Hibernating

January 10, 2009 Leave a comment

Aside from the fact that Russian bears at the Moscow Zoo really were not hibernating because of the lack of snowfall in Moscow, Russia seems to be gaining headlines for other “more serious” reasons (at least where the Europeans are concerned). In a show of power, the Russian government shut down natural gas lines running through the Ukraine, which cut off natural gas supplies to much of Eastern and Central Europe. According to Russia the government the Ukraine was “stealing Russian gas destined for Europe.” The BBC has been reporting on this, and says that since Wednesday, when the pipelines were shut down, European countries like Serbia, that run almost exclusively on gas from Russia, had been severely affected.

Apparently though, Russian and the European Union have signed an agreement that will secure the flow of gas to Europe. The only catch is that the Ukraine has to sign the agreement. But since the relationship between Russia and them have deteriorated so, I wonder if they will sign the agreement (a bit of posturing for face saving is in order here). Maybe under the weight of the European Union the Ukraine will come round and sign the agreement, thus opening up the flow of gas from Russia.

This growl by Russia just underscores why we need alternate fuel sources. How can Europe be at the mercy of Russia? It’s like The United States and oil from The Middle East. We are addicted like a junkie to heroin. Use natural gas, but don’t be a slave to it.

This is not the first time Russia has done this, and Prime Minister Vladmir Putin has asserted that the days of cheap natural gas are over. He is obviously laying the rhetoric for more gas wars with the Ukraine, Europe, and the rest of the world; agreement or no agreement.

I wonder when the growl of the Russian bear will be actively heard in the United States? And how will the U.S. government respond to such growls because this Russian bear’s growl comes with a pretty stunting bite…this is no cub we’re dealing with. Beware.


Madoff Might Be MakingOff

January 8, 2009 Leave a comment

If you haven’t been keeping up with this story here’s the short of it; rich man gets richer by investing rich peoples’ money then loses it in crock scheme while he stays somewhat rich (actually most of the rich are still rich). Check out this link for some up to date news about Madoff and his 50 billion losing spree. Check out this one for background info.

What would you do if someone lost…lets say, US$100 (One hundred dollars) of your money? You might be a little upset (I know I would). Now imagine that amount is US$100,000,000 (One hundred million dollars). What would you do to that person now? I tell ya, Madoff’s best option is to go to jail, so he will be safe. People have been killed for a lot less. If it were me, and it were my money that was lost, I would probably have Madoff stricken from the record – permanently. That’s just me. Not everyone is as cold-blooded as I am. But you would have to think, there must be a long waiting list of people to see this gut who want to serve him up, at least, a knuckle sandwich. Let’s hope first on that list is Lady Justice, and she’s carrying more than just broken scales.


Japanese Airlines Fly the Banner of Sexual Equity

January 8, 2009 Leave a comment

A paradigm shift is taking place all over the world. People are starting to think differently about many things. Even in Japan where roles for men and women are still pretty much defined, things are changing (thankfully). The article, “Women’s dream of becoming airline pilots getting less elusive” by Mariko Yasumoto of Kyodo News accentuates this paradigm shift. Featured in The Japan Times Online it portrays an industry that has always had its gender roles strictly defined. It is interesting to read how some of the female pilots in Japan got their starts by breaking a glass ceiling.

This article also touches on a larger picture, that of a world where all hands have to be on deck. We face greater challenges and we need bigger solutions. Opening doors to all sexes is important if we want to give our young people wider dreams, more options, and sieze upon ideas that will change the world for the better.

In Japan where barriers are sometimes looked at as a test of endurance, it pleases me to see women going for their dreams by any means necessary. In the article one woman actually left Japan and gained her pilots license in the United States because Japan’s Civil Aviation College had a height requirement that she couldn’t meet (apparently Japanese airlines have no official height requirement to be able to fly a plane). Her 157cm frame didn’t meet the 163cm application requirement. Luckily, the U.S. flight schools didn’t have that requirement (another good reason to study English).

Here’s to a flying in a friendlier sky.


Letters to Leaders – Obama

January 6, 2009 Leave a comment

In reviewing some headlines I figured on writing to the incoming president. Of course that prompted me to put the letter on my blog, so I figured why not just make a page out of it and continue to update it. Here’s the first. Some will be hard criticism, but hopefully many will be more cheerful praise. We’ll see. Anyway, check out the first one.