Past Rant VI

“Let the LADY Play at the Big Boys’ Table”

“Okay fellas, just let the girl play! I hope you men aren’t being intimidated by this Ivy League lady.” You know, in this tug-of-war I actually agree with Hillary, and her cronies. Let the contests go. Stop all the nonsense and act DEMOCRATIC, like your name touts.

That said, sorry Florida and Michigan – NO SEATS FOR YOU! The rules are the rules. Voters of these two states, yell at the Democratic Party leaders. They fucked it up for ya’ll! This is a nation that governs according to the Rule of Law. Live with it.

Also, let the Super Delegates do what they will (a stupid system anyway). Stop trying to influence them! If they want to choose whom to support, now, let them. If they want to wait until the convention, let them. This quagmire was created by the Democratic Party…Now deal with it. Live by the sword, die by the sword. If you lie down with dogs, you will rise up with fleas…Hmmm…Any other clichés I can add…?

I don’t mind a good tug-of-war but each side is now throwing mud. U.S. Americans have never been able to have an intelligently sustained conversation about gender and/or race politics. And that’s when major political figures, the balance of our nationhood, and history is not in the picture. How are we supposed to have a real discussion about anything right now? For all our greatness, we just do not seem to have the capacity, tolerance, or desire to deal with everything out there…Who really does? So, these politicians are giving us what we ask for – sound bites and mediocrity.

Someone asked me, “Which party do you think benefits from a prolonged battle on the Democrat side of the aisle?” I answered, “The Republicans benefit.” I continued, “If the Democrats could have an actual intelligent debate then this longer primary season would favor them. If the Democrats could be unified while trying to decide between Barack and Hillary then this longer primary season would favor them. If both candidates focused on John McCain instead of trying to destroy each other then this longer season would favor them.”

The whole thing reminds me of 2000 when Gore was running. He could have gone to Cancun, campaigned his weekends, and have won. The Moment of Truth – Bill Clinton offers his hand of support, and Gore turns away. We all know what happened next? Let me remind you – Gore loses a presidential race mired in controversy and deceit. The nation suffers for the next 8 years. Should have never happened!

Well, fast-forward to 2008, and this is the Moment of Truth for the Democrats, again. Will they beat each other up, or will everyone rise above the bullshit to get on with business. The White House is not the Republicans’ to win, but the Democrats’ to lose – It’s in their hands.

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