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The Legend of Tiger

There is no doubt, as if there ever was, that we are watching the greatest golfer to ever play the game. I’m not diminishing Ben Hogan, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, or the other greats who came before Tiger, but there is always that One who will eclipse the Lords of yesteryear. Tiger is that One. His victory at this year’s U.S. Open was by far the best in modern tournament history, and maybe ever. I’m not making that statement. I’m just repeating what many an expert golf analyst have already said. He’s the best.

At 32, he has 14 majors, 65 tour wins, more money than some countries, and a secure place in golf history. What made his victory at Torrey Pines all the more dramatic, was he wasn’t 100%. His knee was really not helping him. Post surgery/rehab soreness saw Tiger limping around the fairways and greens. He had blown hole after blown hole. Bad starts and stormy bunkers tried encroach on this psyche. Well, with no luck as he found a way to win.

He closed out this event in sudden death fashion against a formidable opponent who at anytime could have taken it, but didn’t. And in true Tiger fashion he was humble and gracious in his moment. He gave kudos to The Rocc, who seemed to come out of nowhere but Tiger thought differently. Like a true warrior he never underestimated his competition. He knew who was out there, and he knew the capabilities of everyone playing. Sometimes I think that is what makes him so dangerous. He knows that these guys can win at any time, so he always has to play with his best, or whatever his best will give him on that day.

So the conversation will now escalate to WHETHER OR NOT Tiger will reach the hallowed ground 18 majors. As far as I’m concerned the conversation should be about WHEN will he reach 18, and how far out of reach will he place the record. Remember, Tiger still wants to do the true Grand Slam – all 4 majors in the same season, in a row. He can’t do that this year, but if he wins another major, or two this year, and then sweeps them all next year. You’re looking at probably 20 majors before the age of 34. Tiger will probably play another 10 years, and with his physical conditioning, no telling how long he will go for. The only stumbling block is his mental capacity and will to stay in the game, and win. Just remember, Jim Brown quit at the top of his game, and so did Barry Sanders, and they were shocks to a lot of people. Will Tiger follow suit? I sure hope not, and by all accounts it looks unlikely. So strap in and prepare yourself for more history making because every time Tiger walks the courses of a major, he’s taking one more step towards eternity.


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