Past Rant XI

“Mother Nature’s Meishi, or Just Natural Growing Pains?”

On Sunday, May 11th, 2008 there was a magnitude 7.9 earthquake in Sichuan Province China. 10,000 plus people are apparently dead with many more injured and homeless. I chose this to write about because I have am leaning away from the notion that nature is sending us another wake up call. I’m actually in the natural order of things category. No punishments. No paybacks. No purges. Just Earth style growing pains.

Let’s understand something, for the natural world that earthquake was nothing. The Earth has been enduring such things for its entire existence, so what is a magnitude 7.9 earthquake? Not much I gather. Only when we throw humans into the picture do things because, a disaster. What do we expect though, nature has to grow, doesn’t she?

The mountains in that region of China are young mountains still growing. For a mountain to grow it needs a certain shift in tectonic plates, which will give it a little push upwards. This may cause “uncomfortable” movements in the Earth otherwise known as earthquakes. I’m not a geophysicist, but basic Earth Science tells me, even mountains grow.

I reject the notion that God, or some other being is punishing us for living materialistic lives. I don’t believe God or Nature work like that. God gave us brains for a reason. We should be able to figure out the balancing act. That being said, I do believe that Nature tries to reset itself every now and again. I also believe that stinking up the Earth is not a good idea. It just isn’t pretty. When I travel I like to see tree-covered landscapes lush and inviting, not barren hills and valleys turned into lung-choking coal mines.

So I submit that the recent earthquake in Sichuan Province is not Mother Nature yelling, “YOU HUMANS ARE SCREWING THIS UP IN YOUR LUST FOR MATERIAL WEALTH,” but Her mountains, in that area, celebrating the birthday of one of their own. Unfortunately for us when mountains grow we really feel it. I also submit that we should still strive to take care of our planet – We only have one. Would it hurt to have more fuel efficient vehicles that ran on totally renewable/clean fuels? I think not. Instead of pandering to global warming issues and all that, let’s just stop polluting the skies because we like to see the Sun, go to the beach, sunbathe and breathe healthy air. That’s simple enough for me to understand.

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