Past Rant VII

“If I Were President of China”

I’ve written about China in the past. I’ve ridiculed the government and the nonsense that it passes for rule of law. I’ve lashed out at the destruction of the environment in the name of industrialization. I’ve also supported the common Chinese person for wanting a better life.

China is another great experiment. I am so perplexed about this country of 1.2 billion (give or take a million or so). The history, culture, people, and natural environment are so ripe it makes you want to visit and see what’s up. On the flip side, the government is oppressive, the industrial sector is destroying the natural environment, and the people now hunger for the material wealth that has corrupted many a Western society. I don’t know whether to support “Made In China” goods, or boycott them. People of all nations have to make a living and have a right to prosperity. That said, because the Chinese government demands maximum output all the time from such a large population it is able to flood international markets with goods at a cheap price. Couple that with keeping labor costs low, and China is a natural choice for the trappings of industrialization and capitalism. These days though, it isn’t industry people are reading about – It’s the 2008 Olympics, and Tibet and human rights. Maybe three things the Chinese government want out of the public’s eyesight.

If you haven’t guessed, this week’s rant is about China. For this rant I will put on my, “If I Were The Leader of a Country” hat, and try to think like the President of China, Hu Jintao. Here goes nothing.

“Shit I got the Olympics around the corner, human rights activists breathing down my neck, businesses wanting looser environmental restrictions, and oh, that damn torch relay is becoming a real hassle…I didn’t sign up for this damn-it. Well I guess I should make my ‘To Do’ list for the next 6 months:

1st – Let’s shut down factories around Beijin so at least the environmentalists will be happy, and maybe athletes will think the air is clean (Good Idea Pres!!)

2nd – Let’s close off traffic during the Olympics, so again people will think the air is clean (Good Idea Pres!!)

3rd – Let’s attach filters to our gas pumps so as to reduce fumes – keep that air clean (Good Idea Pres!! The World is liking this.)

4th – Let’s get involved in a major domestic dispute in Tibet (Ummm, bad idea, but let’s give Hu Baby benefit of the doubt. Those troublesome monks always need a beat down from time to time – just politics on this one)

5th – Let’s restrict international media from reporting on anything Tibet except for what is seen during Chinese Central Government approved tours (Another Bad Idea! Doesn’t China have a freedom of speech clause somewhere in it’s constitution?)

6th – Let’s blame the Dalai Lama for the riots, and everything regarding Tibet and protest over the Olympic (Things are going from bad to worse. Didn’t the Dalai Lama actually speak out against the riots, and support the Olympic games in Beijing?)

7th – Let’s ignore the international communities call for dialogue on human rights matters within China (Okay, these next 6 months are gonna be hell.)

Okay, that’s enough “To Do” stuff for now. I have to get back to making sure gyoza are safe for our friends – the Japanese.”

In all reality, I wouldn’t want to be Hu Jintao right now. Then again if I were him this shit wouldn’t be happening because I would have left the monks in Tibet alone. I wouldn’t put people in jail because they call me an asshole (I’d kick their asses with my own two hands instead, or just raise taxes. Far more satisfying.). I also wouldn’t have let my country turn into a cesspool at the hands of foreign robber barons. All that said, he still has a tough job, and from what the next 6 months hold, it is going to be a lot tougher.

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