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A Ball to Start a War

August 31, 2007 Leave a comment

A Ball to Start a War

So this is my take on this – lighten up on this one. I’m not defending the cultural insensitivity from U.S. military, but I am saying that getting worked up over this situation is not wise.

Religion is important to life, and in the case of these villagers it is 100% life. That said, I think this is a chance to look at a bigger picture. Just a few months ago the Iraqi soccer team played for the Asian Cup as their homeland was being blown apart by car bombs, etc. On this team were many different Muslim sects all who, currently are killing each other, all got along. Somehow they didn’t want to kill each other. What did they share in common – they played soccer (or futbol). They play a game that the world acknowledges as the international sport. More so, they got along.

I say this because I think having a religious slogan on a ball does not harm the religion at all. With a game that brought dignity to an entire group of people I think some tolerance on the part of the religious folk should be shown. People just aren’t kicking the ball for fun and no reason. People are playing this game as a way to show the courageousness of a culture. I cannot see any reason why one would demonstrate even prepare to fight over a flag being on a ball being used for peaceful reasons.

Let’s ease up, take a look at this with a patient and rational mind, and move forward. Advise the military in a calm and rational manner. There was little need for a group of a 100 to protest, burn efigees, and invoke violent rhetoric.


I guess this is my problem with religious extremists.

See the BBC website for more information on this topic – Click this address –

Peace ya’ll