The Who and What Behind UMInc.

Welcome to your portal to Ueno Murakami Incorporated. Conceived and operated by the minds of, Wayne Anthony Malcolm and Ueno Murakami, this site is about everything that is on our minds. No specific positions will be taken, but there will always be a specific position. No left, right, or center – radical, conservative, or moderate leanings here. Just what we feel is necessary. We might not even adhere to common sense. Sometimes philosophical, poetical, prosetical, polemical, or personal – We always invite people to join the thought stream…

Daily Intellectual Debris – Click this link for all the latest posts and updates to this site (It takes you back to the main posts page). News and commentary from all sorts of places. Commentary always welcome.

Eclectic Verse – This is the literature page. Very poetic in nature the thoughts will be expressed in the abstract. Always changing and exploratory. Indulge.

Motivational – This is what it means…We will be motivating. Quotations, short blurbs, etc. Anything that gives us hope and feels positively uplifting and motivational.

The Weekly Rant – Whatever we feel pissed off at. Once a week we choose a topic to “RANT” about. We’ll try to stay intelligent and educated but we don’t make any promises. Guard your ears, or pull up your bootstraps it all goes to the mattresses on this page.

Peace Be With You My Friends

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