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Japanese Airlines Fly the Banner of Sexual Equity

January 8, 2009 Leave a comment

A paradigm shift is taking place all over the world. People are starting to think differently about many things. Even in Japan where roles for men and women are still pretty much defined, things are changing (thankfully). The article, “Women’s dream of becoming airline pilots getting less elusive” by Mariko Yasumoto of Kyodo News accentuates this paradigm shift. Featured in The Japan Times Online it portrays an industry that has always had its gender roles strictly defined. It is interesting to read how some of the female pilots in Japan got their starts by breaking a glass ceiling.

This article also touches on a larger picture, that of a world where all hands have to be on deck. We face greater challenges and we need bigger solutions. Opening doors to all sexes is important if we want to give our young people wider dreams, more options, and sieze upon ideas that will change the world for the better.

In Japan where barriers are sometimes looked at as a test of endurance, it pleases me to see women going for their dreams by any means necessary. In the article one woman actually left Japan and gained her pilots license in the United States because Japan’s Civil Aviation College had a height requirement that she couldn’t meet (apparently Japanese airlines have no official height requirement to be able to fly a plane). Her 157cm frame didn’t meet the 163cm application requirement. Luckily, the U.S. flight schools didn’t have that requirement (another good reason to study English).

Here’s to a flying in a friendlier sky.



SEX – Seven Days and 365

Are you married, and sexless? Hope not. Your friends may have told you that the sex dries up after getting married, and becomes the Sahara Desert after kids. Well, I’m here to dispel that awful stereotype.

Believe it or not, married couples have sex. Actually, some married couples have sex every day…And they enjoy it, sort of. According to the story “Yes, Dear. Tonight Again.” in The New York Times online there was one couple that everyday for one whole calendar year engaged in sex. Another couple just went for 101 nights of sex. That seemed to be enough for them. They may have payed attention to the saying – too much of a good thing can spoil you.

In any case, I say have as much sex as you can. If the love and emotions are there the frequency becomes almost irrelevant. One night a week of awesome-eye popping sex is better than every day of just bland-so so sex, in my humble opinion. Be spontaneous with your sexual acts. Always commit emotionally. And lastly, never hesitate to do different things. Actually make it part of your sexual experiences – variety is the spice of life. Check out the original article for more information and story bits.


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Spitzer Spat onto the Seedy Streets

He’s gone. Former Governor Eliot Spitzer is out of the New York State politics business. The New York Times Online has the full round up as well as the lowdown on the Lieutenant Governor David Paterson.

Bottomline – Spitzer had to go. He made his name busting so-called wrong doers on Wall Street and in the rest of New York City. He preached morals, ethics, and higher than above average personal standards. He even broke up a prostitution ring or two. How could he possibly stay in office after being caught with a US$4300 an hour prostitute?

I’m glad he didn’t drag this out, and understands that if you live by the standards you set, you die by those same standards.

The truly sad thing is that he has two daughter who are of the age where they know very well what is going on. They are not little kids. And his wife, whether she had any clue or not, must be totally fuming with disappointment, humiliation, and anger. He has a very attractive family. Why risk the reputation, the family, and the future for a night with a prostitute? The psychology baffles me to the nth degree…


The Funny Side of Spitz

You know this Eliot Spitzer thing has given the late night comics some good stuff. Check out the videos from the Huffington Post. A side note, Alan Dershowitz, who I wrote about in a previous post blogs for the Huffington Post. Just the whole full disclosure deal, whatever that means on the blogosphere. Oh, yeah, I sent that previous article to Mr. Dershowitz at his Harvard email address, as well as his personal website.