Past Rant IV

“Monsters and Racists – the Minority; Billy Hudson – the Reality”

In the past few weeks I’ve heard the terms “monster” and “racist” being thrown around like a baseball during spring training. What is happening in our country called The United States of America? What about all that ‘rhetoric’, “united we stand and divided we fall…”, “…for the people, by the people of the people…”? What happened to all that ‘land of opportunity’ stuff we were bludgeoned with as kids? Have we truly lost our way in this great nation on the hill? We stand so divided into our personal jurisdictions that we forget we are actually living in the same neighborhood. That said, the reality is there are people out there doing some great things, despite an overwhelming amount of negative and sorrowful news, and those are the people we should be supporting.

I saw on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams, a story about a guy named Billy Hudson and his magic school bus. He organized an effort to wire a school bus with the internet so the children riding it could use laptops and IPods to do educational work while enduring an hour plus bus ride to and from school. Not Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, or our valiant leader Georgey Boy, but an ‘ordinary’ person. What do you think we could really do if every person who gave $25 dollars to one of the aforementioned campaigns gave that much to Hudson’s Magic School Bus project? How many buses could be wired, and how many students could be learning something new? Are our morals skewed?

We continue to support wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, while failing to adequately address a failing economy, a broken healthcare system, and educational deficiencies that are leaving kids behind. It takes a man like Billy Hudson to show us that with the technology we have today, and just some good ole fashioned good will (I forgot to mention that all the materials for the initial Magic Bus were donated) things can be better.

There are real monsters out there. The kind that go bump in the night, steal you from your bed, and hang you by your neck from a tree like strange fruit. There are real racists who sit on government seats using their powers to keep people apart and degrade human beings. Then there are those people who are in the majority. The Billy Hudsons of the world who really want to make that change.

Not so much of a rant but something to give some hope that regardless of the outcome of the current political season people will not be deterred from causing change and affecting the lives of others in positive ways.

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