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“Gotta Have Some Me Time, But Share What You Learn”

“Gotta have some me time.” Personally, I employ this. I eek out “me time” in the morning before other members of my family wake up. I either exercise or do something else like write, read, or just listen to podcasts; stuff like that. I think this “me time” time has allowed me to reduce my stress, while being able to stay in shape and increase my knowledge.

“Share what you learn.” This is the other part to the “me time” ritual that I encourage because if you are learning something why not share it? I know people may want to do something just for themselves and not for anyone else, but if you have a family, or are in a relationship, or have close friends and acquaintances you deeply care about and value why not share the things in your life that are helping you? Maybe the people you love most can also benefit from what you are doing. When I look deep down inside, within myself, I realize this the true motivation for why I want eek out “me time”; I want to share my personal improvements with those I love and cherish. To me, this is the ultimate reward; when people around me improve their lives through an example that I showed them. Do they have to do the same exact thing? No, but a positive change where I was the catalyst is all I could ever ask for.

I have been somewhat on a health kick, but not to bludgeon others with some self-righteous message of “run and eat healthy like me or you will die”. I basically started refining my diet to get in shape for a marathon; gotta fuel your properly for one of those. That said, I still have my fare share of the junky stuff, but I am just much much much better at regulating my temptations. I eat fairly cleanly, but very satisfyingly. I am cutting down on my added sugar intake, as well as limiting intake of foods that spike my insulin production, which causes my liver to ultimately tell my body to store natural food sugar as fat. I have been doing this process of refining my diet for some time now, and my family is coming on board. I even had the great pleasure of sharing some of what I have been learning during my “me time” with my mother-in-law, who seemed quite interested. Whether or not she adopts what I have been doing was not the purpose of our exchanges, but just the exchange of knowledge was fulfilling, especially as I found out a lot about the way she thinks and documents what she has been learning during her “me time” throughout the years.

Ultimately, “me time” is great for personal refinement and or enhancement, but the next step, in my humble opinion, is sharing the “me time” gains with other loved ones. Our relationships are what make our existence as humans unique and fulfilling. Nurturing and sustaining these relationships in constructive ways leads to great lives for everyone involved in the process. Why not be a part of that richly satisfying process by sharing what makes you better? Be a little selfish so you can concentrate on bettering yourself, but remember to share so you can really see the gains.

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