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From the Experts?

I don’t consider myself an expert in anything, but I do consider myself knowledgeable on a few things, such as….ummmm, I’ll get back to you on that. But I have heard from and read about many “experts.” The so called “No-It-Alls.” My teachers always told me to cite these people when writing my research papers because it would make my claims more legitimate. We always see them on TV, especially during times of “disaster” – like now. But funny how, like now, the experts tell us we should so something and we don’t listen; consume and spend in order to get this economy going, but the “regular” people seem to be saving and cutting back.

Nicholas D. Kristof is who I would consider an expert in human relations. He reports and writes for the New York Times. He’s crisscrossed this Earth doing stories on human sex trafficking in Cambodia to migration degradation in China to the genocide that is taking place in Darfur – he’s seen quite a lot. I consider him an expert because of those experiences. He’s looked into the eyes of tragedy, and even rescued some people from situations that would otherwise have seen them end up dead.

In his most recent column he takes on the experts of institutionalized media, and challenges us to hold them (him included) accountable. So often we just accept what we read in the paper, or hear in the news as pure gospel. Well, sometimes these “experts” don’t have any more of a clue than we do. Sometimes I wonder if these people understand the enormous power they have because of their corporate sponsored soapboxes? I’m not saying they should candycoat situations, but for some reason I feel like the world is about to come to an end, and nothing good is happening…

…I’ll save this rant for another time. In the mean time, check out Kristof’s article – “Learning How To Think,” and challenge the experts.


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Japan 2009 World Baseball Classic Champs!!!

March 24, 2009 2 comments

Team Japan as 2009 World Baseball Classic Champions

Team Japan as 2009 World Baseball Classic Champions

Stars perform when they have to. That was Ichiro Suzuki in the 10th inning of the 2009 World Baseball Classic final. A slumpy Suzuki, Ichiro underperformed throughout the entire competition. But when his team needed him he came through by driving in the winning run, in a close 10 inning epic with 2008 Olympic champions, South Korea.

If I were a betting man I would have put my money on Japan. I knew they would pull it out. I think the consistent team work and team support allowed the Japanese to pull out some tough victories. The talent was always there, it was just a matter of making it all click just right.



No ‘I’ in Team, or Japan

March 23, 2009 2 comments

I love my home nation, the United States of America. Despite the economic downturn, and being the center of international criticism, I defend the merits of my country.

Mike Blake of Reuters Captures Japan's Greatest Strength - Team Work

Mike Blake of Reuters Captures Japan's Greatest Strength - The Team

That said, I am cheering for Japan to win the World Baseball Classic. Why this flinching patriotism? Am a traitor to the cause? Quite the contrary.

You see, if U.S. baseball wasn’t so tarnished by drugs, dishonesty, downright selfishness I would be singing a much different tune. Japanese baseball isn’t weighted down by these things. The players are focused on the team, and play with a spirit that has long been lost in U.S. baseball. In the States big contracts have enhanced bad behavior, and do little to curb out-of-control egos.

I hope that one day U.S. baseball gets back to the level it once was. In the meantime I will cheer on my second home, and it’s native sons – Nippon Ichibon!!!!

Wayne and Wade Liveshow March 22, 2009/ウェインとウェイドのLiveshow2009年三月22日

Wayne and Wade Live

Wayne and Wade Live


Wayne and Wade

“No Where to Run, No Where to Hide from the Terminator”

"I'll Be Back!"

A full-on review and analysis on my favorite classic 80s flick – The Terminator. Fast paced and over the top, just like the flick. Batten down your hatches and get ready because “you’ve been targeted for termination!”

Enter the realm of the Terminator by clicking this link. You can also check out my other articles by scrolling to the bottom of the article page and clicking, “More by this source.” Enjoy. Peace

“Appetite for Destruction” Ate Me Alive

Original Cover - a painting by Robert Williams

Original Cover - a painting by Robert Williams

This is a review of the first official release by Guns N’ Roses, “Appetite for Destruction,” as well as a profile of the original band members involved in making this historic album. Check it out.

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The Newest Supermodel -Yokozuna Asashoryu

In prime Asashoryu fashion, he is in the limelight while his fellow mates are hard at work getting ready for the 2009 Spring Basho held in Osaka beginning Sunday, March 15th and ending Sunday, March 29th. This time though the bad boy of the Sumo world is showing his hip side.

Appearing at the Shibuya Girls Collection fashion show in Tokyo, Asashoryu brought his grand style to the Yoyogi National Gymnasium and it’s 20,000 strong.

Asashoryu waving to fashion crowd

Asashoryu waving to fashion crowd

As the title of this event suggests, the crowd was made up of 20,000 teenage girls, mostly. I don’t think these same people will be the majority of the audience who will attend the Spring Grand Tournament in Osaka. That said, from the pictures provided by Kyodo Photo (above) and Chris Jue (below) you’d think the exciting but controversial yokozuna is trying to change the face of Sumo, instead of promoting his latest sponsor, FANTA (he’s wearing a FANTA shirt, and recently appeared in a TV commercial for them).

According to Kyodo News via The Japan Times Online, the big guy sounded a bit nervous, but seemed to enjoy the whole event, “I felt a kind of tension that was new to me….The shrill voices were also impressive.”

I bet he worked on his turn alot.

I bet he worked on his turn alot.

I will hold my criticism towards the big guy because when it comes to success this guys record stands on its own. He’s grand champion, and has the hardware to prove it. Regardless of what people might say about him his showcase of Emperor Cups is one not to be rivaled, even by current co-Yokozuna Hakuho (they are both Mongolian by the way). Frankly speaking, I love Asashoryu, whose name means “Morning Blue Dragon” (what a badass name) because of this aggressiveness and individuality (I’m a U.S. American from the New York City area – go figure). I understand how some see his actions as disrespectful to the centuries old traditions that make Sumo what it is. And I don’t approve of his rumored womanizing and his bad attitude ego trippin’. I’m not going to hang out with him over a bowl of chunko nabe. All that said, I will watch him stuff the rikishi down the throat of another opponent, and cheer him on.

Somehow, and there is great speculation that his matches are sometimes fixed, he manages to win. I for one think he beats people because he’s better. His technique is very good. His speed and strength compliment each other very well. And he believes in himself and his ability to beat anyone (sometimes to a fault some would say, but like most elite athletes).

But before all the talk of who will be hoisting the Spring Basho’s Emperors Cup, I guess Asa has a few other things to attend to…I wonder if he listened to Right Said Fred before his catwalk debut?