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A Real Class Act

The U.S. American football community got some expected, but still unwanted news – Tony Dungy, head coach of the Indianapolis Colts is retiring….(for now). Let’s hope one day he changes his mind because he is one coach all teams should have the pleasure of experiencing. One of the best coaches in the history of the game. I just had fun watching him. Dignity and professionalism with a raging passion for the game made Tony Dungy a role model for younger coaches, and veteran ones.

With his family being his most important priority, he has chosen to spend more time with them instead of on the football field. How can you blame him. A few years ago his son committed suicide (how he carried on after that was a test of will and faith). Now with his other son having broken his leg, it is time to step away from the game, and tend to his family. The signs were clear.


Not a man who does it for the glory Dungy recognizes that one Super Bowl ring is all anyone really needs. With coaching records, and accolades from goal post to goal post he has it all. What more is there to prove….Nothing!

Here’s to you Mr. Dungy. A real class act! A true role model!

Check out this NFL video giving a little roundout of Dungy’s career. Just click.


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