The Weekly Rant

What’s on my mind? This is it. Straight-ahead commentary and opinion from yours truly. Opinions are very much welcome. Enjoy the polemics.

“The DEMOcrats”

I’ll start by saying – I’m not a Republican. I vote for the smartest and best choice for the United States of America. Okay that is out of the way. Onto this week’s rant…

I break open The New York Times Online to read that the Democrats have passed a deal on the Florida and Michigan debacle (Read the whole story at “Democrats Approve Deal on Michigan and Florida”). It seems that Michigan and Florida will each receive half a vote regarding their seated delegates. This gives Hillary a slight majority, but doesn’t really change the magnitude of the overall race for the party nomination. Of course there is outcry. From Hillary supporters in Michigan especially because Obama was not even on the ballot. I agree there should be uproar, but not for the same reasons as those echoed in the article.

I said debacle earlier because bottomline, this should not have been a situation of such complexity. The rules were clear, and politicians from Florida and Michigan broke them. Someone has to pay the price. That is what our rule of law is based on. We elect representatives to make decisions, right or wrong. If people in Michigan and Florida had a major problem, elect new leaders. Obama and Hillary even agreed on the rules (I guess in desperation hindsight is something to be reviewed in order to be 20/20). That’s what the political process is all about. But no, people rant and rave about equality and fairness. “HEY, YOU BROKE THE RULES…NOW PAY THE PRICE.” The simplicity in taking this course of action makes in complex. How could you explain to the voters that the politicians, in the name of ego, made a mistake and now the voters are going to pay for it? It would be political suicide…But it would be the right and just thing to do.

This leads me to another point, about the whole Democratic Party primary system. Is it really democratic? I would say no. Democracy to me is majority rule. If you get the amount you need then you get the delegates – end of game. The Democrats try to be nice and give everyone a part of the pot. This is where the Republicans have it right. Winner-take-all. Easy, simple, democratic. The Democrats want to do this thing the hard way. Unfortunate because I fear it could cost them the White House in November 2008, and cost the United States healing time.

This is the conundrum for Democrats – no real party leadership, and most of all no balls. Imagine what position the Democrats would be in if they stood up to Bush and his cronies 6 years ago before The War In Iraq, and simply said NO? Think about what position they would be in if they had said NO to the Bush Tax Cuts for the rich and wealthy? Tell the American people the reality, and tell them what the tax cuts really mean. Think about the position they would be in if they had just stood up to Bush and his cronies…? Sometimes I hesitate to think about it because I become even more depressed about the state of the Union.

Now Obama is poised to really move things forward, but will surely be hamstrung by bullshit ego posturing from the Clintons and her/his supporters. Even if Obama wins he’s going to have to be fighting for legitimacy from his own party people, as well as the American public. The crazy/amazing thing is, he knows it and still carries on.

I started this rant with the disclaimer that I’m non-partisan. And in the end I just look at the facts. Let’s look at these facts – Hillary started strong and really fell off because of poor planning, simple. She’s had to lend her own campaign money (Does that sound like good judgement through years of experience?). Obama started slowly and gained strength because of excellent planning and foresight (aka – good judgement). McCain was left for dead and came back to capture the Republican nomination. I just can’t see Hillary really beating McCain head to head.

If the American people really want to move forward they will open their collective eyes, put egos aside, and realize that Obama offers the best hope for a new direction. It’s not an experiment, it’s proven remedy that he preaches. I just hope the American people grow up fast enough to recognize the sanctity of this medicine.


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