Past Rant X

“In Touch With Out Of Touch”

The title says it all really. With the math clearly against her Hillary is now picking fights with the media, which have deemed her dead in the water. She is also vigorously pleading to have Florida and Michigan voters counted so she can gain the popular vote award. The thing is Florida and Michigan clearly violated the rules set to govern the primaries. The voters have no one to be angry towards but their own greedy leaders.

Hillary has no one to blame for what is happening but herself. She wanted to get down and dirty, and throw negative ads around; she wanted to break Obama down by heavily implying he wasn’t ready to be Commander-in-Chief; she had to loan her campaign up to US$11,000,000; the list of blunders and miscalculations can fill a jumbo sized suitcase. Obama didn’t make those mistakes. He of course made some, but not to the degree Hillary has. So, I say to Hillary – SHUT UP AND GO HOME!!!!! Go home and chill out in that nice house in Chappaqua, New York. When Obama asks you to be Vice-President, say NO!!!! Deal with defeat gracefully by biting that long forked tongue of yours.

She was the one who was supposed to be in touch with the working class-blue collar average joe, yet she lives in the wealthiest neighborhoods in New York State. She’s also made a mint of money off books. Throw in her hubby’s accumulated wealth from speeches, books, donors, etc. and this is not a person in touch with anyone except herself.

Barack, on the other hand, speaks the kind of language I like to hear. He was a community organizer in South Side Chicago. Not the easiest place to start your career and survive, but he did. His house is still in the South Side (albeit a nicer and safer section). Barack understands people, and I think when people realize where he comes from they will support him. That said, Barack also treats people like equals. He talks to adults like adults trying to push them past the threshold that is Washington politicking. He gets it.

So what is there left to do but count delegates and super-delegates? Not much as this primary races are almost done. Hopefully in the General Election people really open their ears and take in what is being said because this is the most important General Election in quite some time.

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