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Forget the Favre Fantasy – PRIDE His Deadly Sin

August 3, 2008 2 comments

For the latest on this developing story you can check ESPN news at this story headline – “NFL grants Favre reinstatement; sources say QB job is open.” Now for my commentary.

If this isn’t the most ridiculous thing. I seem to remember a weeping Brett Favre talking about how he was done and that he had thrown his last ball. That last ball though was an interception. Go figure, as he holds the record for most interceptions ever in an NFL career (he also holds every other major passing record, PLUS has a Super Bowl ring, AND a pair of MVPs). This is rather pathetic I think. The Green Bay Packers should have swept Brett aside and told him, “Listen, stop acting like a big baby and go home. Your time in the sandbox is over. We’ve committed to this new guy and that’s it. If you want to be a consultant on building sandcastles then we’ll give you a call, but your time in the sandbox is over little Brett.”

One of the great ESPN Sports Reporters asked the question, “Who is Aaron Rodgers, and what has he done in the NFL to deserve to start over Brett Favre?” Funny, I see it the opposite – “Who is Brett Favre to take away the opportunity of someone else who is trying to build a career?” I hope Rodgers kicks Brett’s ass in training camp and on the field because this is a clear example of why PRIDE is a deadly sin. Brett can’t swallow his and he’s going to choke on it one day. What is the alternative in this situation – Brett walks away with honor. He is healthy. He can spend time with his family, who he should be thanking more for standing by him all these years while he put them through the ringers.

In a conversation with a friend I posed the question/statement – “Would you rather have Dan Marino (who has never won a Super Bowl), or Brett Favre leading your team?” My friend without hesitation said Dan Marino. I would to. Marino entered, played, and exited the game with class. Favre broke his records, but he will never be to the game what Marino was. This attempt at taking the spotlight is ridiculous and childish, and shows Brett’s true colors.

Some will say, “He loves the game too much,” and “You’ll never understand what it’s like until you’re on that stage.” They’re right, and guess what…I don’t ever want to know, if this is what I would become. Money and fame can’t be the reasons Favre is going back. He must have enough of both. He’s going back because of PRIDE, and as I said before this is why PRIDE is a deadly sin. Have fun Brett.



Ad Agency McCain Campaign 2008

I support Barack Obama, but I can admit when he and his campaign have stepped over the line. This week he brought race into the campaign. I have little problem with that as long as he keeps it on general terms and does his homework before making accusations. The McCain campaign has said nothing about race, and Obama gave them the red carpet treatment in talking about how Bush and McCain will try to scare U.S. American voters away from voting for him because his name sounds “funny” and he is black. While I agree that the overall Republican machine will do this, Bush and McCain have said nothing the like. Barack better watch himself.

That said, the ads by the McCain campaign are way overboard and absolutely ridiculous. You can see them at the John McCain for President website. The McCain campaign needs some serious help if that is what they are going to produce. How could anyone even put Barack Obama, former Chief Editor of the Harvard Law Review, in the same sentence as Britney Spears and Paris Hilton (the celebs have even said they wanted nothing to do with this election)? How about “The One” ad where Obama is supposed to be Moses…and that factually inaccurate ad about Obama not visiting troops while in Europe because he couldn’t take in news cameras…I can’t underscore enough the pathetic ridiculousness of these ads. I’m embarrassed to say I volunteered for McCain back in 2000. At least at that time he really stood for something.

Obama has his faults, but McCain is pathetic, and if the voters of the United States of America want crap executive leadership for another 4 years to (God forbid) 8 years then they should vote for McCain. If they are smart they will take that “risk” and vote for Obama. America was built on a risk. I’ll vote for Obama. I’ll take that risk.

A few parting notes – 1) OBAMA IS NOT MUSLIM, AND DOES NOT PRACTICE ISLAM!!!! For the 26% of Americans who actually believe that – WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE!!!! Because his father practiced that religion doesn’t mean Barack has followed suit. Yes he has Muslim heritage, but most Americans are of mixed heritage. That is what America is all about – a mixture of cultures that creates a unique environment primed for prosperity. Obama encompasses all of that, and more. 2) Obama is not running for class president of his junior high class. He is running for the opportunity to be President of the United States – arguably the most powerful executive position in the World. If people know his name, and what he stands for then all the better I say. 3) When did we become a nation of lost hope? And those who speak of hope and change seem to be crucified. When did we become a nation of lost souls? – Oh that’s right, 8 years ago when George W. Bush took office.


I’m Back – A New Year On Life

I’m back from the abyss of my hiatus. I’ve posted a few messages and what not, but not the usually frenzied plethora of material that is common to UMInc. So let’s kick off this month with a quick but heartfelt update on someone I’ve been checking out for a few months now – Randy Pausch.

Unfortunately, Randy has passed away taking his journey for life to other realms. Time of departure is irrelevant, as Randy’s existence is timeless. For this secular world where we pay attention to physical time and the constraints arising there from it took Randy prematurely. But in doing so Randy gave us countless moments of life that will forever fill this World with joy and inspiration (see these two pages – Randy Pausch’s Home Page and “An Enduring Legacy”).

In a few days I will turn 33 years of age. I’m sure that most 33 year old men don’t believe that in 14 years they will no longer be on this Earth. I know I’m planning to live until a ripe old age. That said, Randy will always be in my mind as I travel through my years. I will try to make the most of each moment while living out the time I am given. I’ll keep an eye out for my health and do what I have to do to keep this aging body inline with a hearty spirit.

R.I.P. RP.


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