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Good Defense Beats Good Offense

This is the same story in most sports, a good defensive effort will usually beat an offense that has often seemed excellent. In the case of the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Boston Celtics it is front and center. Cleveland is so LeBron James centered that when he gets thrown off his game they don’t know what to do. Mind you Boston has been one of the best, if not the best defensive team all season. So the fact they are shutting down LeBron and the Cavs should be no surprise to anyone.

The top defensive player in the league is on Boston, Kevin Garnett, and with a couple of guys named Paul Pierce and Ray Allen in the lineup things become even more tough. I hate to only mention those guys because the fact is Boston’s team is defensive-minded, and the other players really put in a stunning effort every night. That said, those guys are the leaders and Boston’s hopes of a NBA Championship live and die with the Big 3.

People will of course question the trade that sent Larry Hughes and Donyell Marshall to other teams. Those guys were scoring forwards that added threats to Cleveland’s offense. They could also play defense. The Cavs basically need the other players on the team to step up, get open, and make some shots. The Cavs and LeBron need to learn from history. Play unselfishly and things come to you much easier. When Michael Jordan got some key role players who he could use, he was far more dangerous. Coupled with his defensive skills Jordan and the Bulls were…Champions (x6).

LeBron needs to go that way. He’ll score his points, but make sure he is giving his teammates opportunities to help Cleveland win.

All that said, I don’t see Cleveland getting past Boston. This was the best team in the league, and they are so dynamic. Also, they are on a quest for the title. Garnett is almost willing his way through opponents. Allen seems like he is playing with new legs. And Pierce is playing with less stress and added confidence. They are just so athletic, on top of experienced. This is one tough team to beat. The Celtics though do have to prove they can win on the road. They got roughed up by Atlanta when Atlanta was at home. If they give Cleveland the room to gain some confidence on home court it could spell doom for Boston because Cleveland can, and has, won on the road in tight spots. If the Celtics want to move on they are going to have to execute LeBron and his band of merry men at home, or at least win one in Cleveland so they can finish the job in The Garden.

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