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“We Are What We Eat”

December 16, 2014 Leave a comment

This is where it starts. Can’t underestimate the power of food. If you eat crap then crap you will be. If you eat golden fruit then golden fruit you will be. It just comes down to what you want to be.

This was where my refocus started. Actually, this refocus started with my marathon training, but to do that I focused on the food I was eating and how I should be eating to fuel my marathon training. The main source of food, and lifestyle, information came from Dave Asprey’s podcast “Bulletproof Radio”.

The story goes, I was simply looking on iTunes for health and fitness podcasts to keep me motivated through my mid to long runs. I found Asprey’s podcast and was hooked from the first one. I don’t listen to every single podcast, but I usually tune in to the ones that speak about diet and exercise, which are quite a few. That said I do listen to quite a few and I personally feel they are well produced, informative, and entertaining. The objective for Asprey, as I have come to understand, is to disseminate information that will help people kick ass in life; performing the best they can, all the time.

A little background about him. He has raised his knowledge through years of self-study and self-hacking. He has changed his life in so many ways, and brings the knowledge and experience he has gained through self-change to those interested in listening, and those interested in changing their lives in positive ways. He used to be something like 300 pounds, but over the years of self-change has reduced his weight by 200 pounds, and has raised his activity and performance levels tremendously. Along the way he has used his background as a computer systems specialist to achieve great success in body and lifestyle redevelopment.

Over the years of gaining knowledge and experience hacking his body and lifestyle he has provided a wealth of information to those who have chosen to engage his shows. This journey wasn’t just a knowledge dissemination project for Asprey though, he turned his life-change mission into a business of health foods and supplements. I actually bought, and still buy his goods from “

His foods are made from high quality, but very simple ingredients; I understand the ingredients list, which is a key to healthy eating, I believe. He awakened me to a heightened level of nutrition that was, and still is, very interesting to me. I do think for some he and his guests can get a bit nerdy with their nutrition and lifestyle talk, but he usually brings it back to ground zero for people to understand how to apply the knowledge to their lives. He also alerted me to the more holistic aspects of my body, and how my body works in conjunction with all my environments – internally and externally.

This was an awakening moment and I recognized I had to be more conscious of what I was taking in. Now I am pretty conscious of what food goes into my system, and how it makes me feel. I fully understand the saying, you are what you eat.

I will follow up on this topic with more information about Asprey and his Bulletproof products and guests. I trust the way they are sourced, and I like the ethics behind his products, plus they deliver to Japan quite easily. It is an investment in my health and lifestyle that is well worth it.

Eat well!

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