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It’s all in the Handwriting

I used to have pretty good handwriting – back in like the 7th grade. These days I scribble illegibly away on paper as I try to write as quickly as my brain is thinking. I then hopelessly try to read what I wrote wondering, “What kind of state of mind was I in when I wrote this?” More proficient with the keyboard than the pen, I say I will re-commit to improving my handwriting and getting back in to shape. And after reading this article via The Japan Times Online, I’m extra motivated to do so. (I have perfected quite an artistic signature, so not everything has gone to waste.)

Japan’s Koshu Morioka, 75,


talked with The Japan Times’: Words To Live By columnist Judit Kawaguchi about how everything relates to ones handwriting. This graphologist has explored the penmanship of Emperors and yakuza alike. He knows the character of a person just by looking at his/her kanji strokes (I wonder if he has studied any other languages, and the handwriting therein?). Best of all though he has explored the healing powers within refined handwriting. Check out the article for yourself.


  1. Andrew Cosgrove
    February 15, 2009 at 8:25 am

    Perhaps the most powerful yet most overlooked advantage of a computer in developing writing skills is as a glorified typewriter. It allows an approach to teaching writing that is impossible with a pencil and paper, and may have its greatest impact in the earlier years of school.This is the first of a series of articles to explore the introduction of laptop computers in a kindergarten class.

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