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Japanese Airlines Fly the Banner of Sexual Equity

A paradigm shift is taking place all over the world. People are starting to think differently about many things. Even in Japan where roles for men and women are still pretty much defined, things are changing (thankfully). The article, “Women’s dream of becoming airline pilots getting less elusive” by Mariko Yasumoto of Kyodo News accentuates this paradigm shift. Featured in The Japan Times Online it portrays an industry that has always had its gender roles strictly defined. It is interesting to read how some of the female pilots in Japan got their starts by breaking a glass ceiling.

This article also touches on a larger picture, that of a world where all hands have to be on deck. We face greater challenges and we need bigger solutions. Opening doors to all sexes is important if we want to give our young people wider dreams, more options, and sieze upon ideas that will change the world for the better.

In Japan where barriers are sometimes looked at as a test of endurance, it pleases me to see women going for their dreams by any means necessary. In the article one woman actually left Japan and gained her pilots license in the United States because Japan’s Civil Aviation College had a height requirement that she couldn’t meet (apparently Japanese airlines have no official height requirement to be able to fly a plane). Her 157cm frame didn’t meet the 163cm application requirement. Luckily, the U.S. flight schools didn’t have that requirement (another good reason to study English).

Here’s to a flying in a friendlier sky.


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