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Madoff Might Be MakingOff

If you haven’t been keeping up with this story here’s the short of it; rich man gets richer by investing rich peoples’ money then loses it in crock scheme while he stays somewhat rich (actually most of the rich are still rich). Check out this link for some up to date news about Madoff and his 50 billion losing spree. Check out this one for background info.

What would you do if someone lost…lets say, US$100 (One hundred dollars) of your money? You might be a little upset (I know I would). Now imagine that amount is US$100,000,000 (One hundred million dollars). What would you do to that person now? I tell ya, Madoff’s best option is to go to jail, so he will be safe. People have been killed for a lot less. If it were me, and it were my money that was lost, I would probably have Madoff stricken from the record – permanently. That’s just me. Not everyone is as cold-blooded as I am. But you would have to think, there must be a long waiting list of people to see this gut who want to serve him up, at least, a knuckle sandwich. Let’s hope first on that list is Lady Justice, and she’s carrying more than just broken scales.


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