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“Step by Step Through Reflexivity”

Watching a child grow is an amazing experience. The process of seeing a person move through steps of curiousity to frustration to elation or even defeat can make one reflect, I think. I often see reboots of my life as steps in my growth. And I have not made massive reboots that have totally changed the structure of my life, but the little changes I have made have created ripples that are reaching very far areas. More than anything I am trying to focus my mind and get more active. The major mind move though is to take slower steps so I can stave off the frustration to defeat option in life, and move through the frustration to elation option. I don’t mind being frustrated because it means I am trying and learning ways not to do something. I am trying to enter a state of reflexivity, which is basically a state of reflection and action. The process is a very personal one, and one I have chosen to put up here. In the next few posts I will talk about specific tools I am using to catch up with where I am now, how I am moving through this period, where I want go to, and where I end up. Until next time, peace.

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