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Beginning a journey is a daunting experience – the conception, preparation, execution, and reflection. So many aspects of life flow through the mind, body and soul. So is the case with the journey I am about to take. I am actually making a journey back to a place I felt quite comfortable with the objective being to push myself to new places; I’m going to write more. In particular I am going to get back to blogging. Not about one specific thing, but about various topics; exploring old stories, current events, future happenings, reviews of books, interesting and poignant literature, vinettes, polemics, and thoughts of all kinds. Most of all I will also chronicle my own personal development on many fronts – family, health, career, etc. The goal is for three to four posts a week (more is okay, but looking to hit that three to four mark).

There is no special reason why I made now a moment to restart other than, why not? I am about to start a health and nutrition journey where I gradually cut sugar out of my diet to see what happens to me (life hack to some degree). I will couple this with keeping my exercise regiment at regular levels, for me – running 3 to 4 days a week (6 to 10 miles per run on any given day), and general cardio, strength training, dynamic stretching, and yoga. The objective here is to see what my nutritional input, which was laced with sugar (overtly and covertly), has on other areas of my life.

I have always had a “sleeping” problem that manifested itself into fluctuations of energy that have baffled me considering my bill of health has always been clean. I used to be very defensive about my “sleep” issues, but now I am more easy going about it, but maybe too much so. I really want to tackle these energy problems, at least in my opinion. My feeling is my diet in some way has been contributing and at 39 no one controls my diet but me (considering I am fairly healthy man with no physical ailments that causes me to rely on others for my nutritional intake); the problem and solution and responsibility lie with me.

So this is the beginning of a journey that could change my life in fundamental ways. Along with the health journey, I am also back to writing more. Hopefully this will spur me to finish off my dissertation research. Intellectually I am passed my study, but I need to actually do it so I can get my doctorate of education and advance my career as an academic and educator and leader. I guess there are a few journeys to deal with and move through. Funny how life does that.

This year, leading up to age 40, will be a dynamic one filled with many episodes along this path I call “My Life”. I will try to chronicle my thoughts and ideas at this space. Comments and questions are always welcome.

Be well, and peace be with you as you make your way on your journeys.

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