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Obama’s Consistent Message and Media Muddle

Usually, I love to watch NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams. Probably some of the best straight ahead news telling on network TV. That said, I am a bit at odds at how they are covering the U.S. health care situation. Actually, I am a bit miffed at how network media in total have been covering the health care debate.

1) Republicans have done something by doing nothing, and instead of calling it like it is, mainstream media really looks past this.
2) Instead of continuing to repeat the same old poll numbers, why not try helping people “make sense of it all” by discussing the actual contents of the bill. Spend some time, energy and money, and break down what the bill is actually saying. Help people understand.

Last and most important point.

3) Why do pundits and reporters continue to say that President Obama has entered this race too late, and that he should have been more engaged all throughout the process? What the hell was holding a joint session of Congress to discuss health care for? He sounded pretty impassioned at that time. Or how about President Obama going on the road and holding town hall meetings to specifically address healthcare? I saw some of those and he was speaking up and telling people what was going to happen. Oh, and there was that trip out west when he was sitting with Max Baucus, point-senator on the Senate version of health care, sitting to his right as President Obama layed out what was in the Baucus Bill. Again, he sounded pretty impassioned to me.

Now it is crunch time, and people are looking for a real decision to be made. Obama did what the Clintons could not, he played the system right. I wish the White House had not retreated and conceded a certain kind of defeat when it said that the message might have gotten lost over the summer. Obama and his crew let Congress write the necessary bills. Congress has to approve and pass law. Obama let them do their jobs. Then after it was all said and done, the President took the best of both worlds and produced a single piece of legislation that should be voted on. The Republicans had plenty of opportunity to be in the mix. If John Boehner could not get a meeting with House Democrats, then that says more about his ability to lead than Democrats shutting out the Republicans. If McConnell wanted to talk with Reid I’m sure he could have.

When this behemoth of a bill gets passed I just hope the President is fully engaged in the implementation process because that will be the true test of successful legislation.


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