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From the Experts?

I don’t consider myself an expert in anything, but I do consider myself knowledgeable on a few things, such as….ummmm, I’ll get back to you on that. But I have heard from and read about many “experts.” The so called “No-It-Alls.” My teachers always told me to cite these people when writing my research papers because it would make my claims more legitimate. We always see them on TV, especially during times of “disaster” – like now. But funny how, like now, the experts tell us we should so something and we don’t listen; consume and spend in order to get this economy going, but the “regular” people seem to be saving and cutting back.

Nicholas D. Kristof is who I would consider an expert in human relations. He reports and writes for the New York Times. He’s crisscrossed this Earth doing stories on human sex trafficking in Cambodia to migration degradation in China to the genocide that is taking place in Darfur – he’s seen quite a lot. I consider him an expert because of those experiences. He’s looked into the eyes of tragedy, and even rescued some people from situations that would otherwise have seen them end up dead.

In his most recent column he takes on the experts of institutionalized media, and challenges us to hold them (him included) accountable. So often we just accept what we read in the paper, or hear in the news as pure gospel. Well, sometimes these “experts” don’t have any more of a clue than we do. Sometimes I wonder if these people understand the enormous power they have because of their corporate sponsored soapboxes? I’m not saying they should candycoat situations, but for some reason I feel like the world is about to come to an end, and nothing good is happening…

…I’ll save this rant for another time. In the mean time, check out Kristof’s article – “Learning How To Think,” and challenge the experts.


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