Recklessness, or Will to Succeed?

In these first months of Barack Obama’s presidency we have seen him take his campaign rhetoric to the Oval Office. He has lobbied for his programs and seems to be using his mandate given by the American people to do what he believes is necessary to improve the status of the United States. One might say enacting a huge measures that target areas for stimulus, but also lay foundations for future stability, plus tackling the financial sector, the housing market, budgetary deficits, and now health care is a reckless venture into the unknown – he’s doing too much at once. I disagree with those pessimists.

I would say Obama is exercising the will to succeed that has defined great U.S. American Presidents, and the country as a whole. I simply ask, “Why can’t we ‘fix’ the healthcare system to work for everyone? Why can’t Wall Street work for ‘Main Street’ without destroying it; there is such a thing as healthy risk taking? Why can’t we remain the most robust economy on the Earth – a superpower; and at the same time not ostracize the world at large?” I think this is how Obama thinks. Instead of always saying, “That’s not possible,” he’s saying, “Why can’t we…!”

Isn’t that what we want from our leaders? Of course we want them to have thoughtful dialogue and not be overbearing demagogues, but we at least want them to exude a confidence that shows they have the will to succeed.

If you look at the United States objectively (just try); it has a wealth of natural resources (either in low amounts or great amounts); it has ample open land which can be use to feed its own population, and have bounties leftover for others; it has been the home to great innovations (believe it or not the car was invented in the U.S.); it is home to some of the greatest universities and think tanks on the planet (Harvard, MIT, UC-Berkeley, The Brookings Institution, the American Enterprise Institute, etc.); major industries from film to finance, movies to motors, energy to environmental have bases of action within it’s borders; some of the wealthiest people in the world reside within her borders, and don’t seem to want to leave; I could keep going.

Yes, the epicenter of the global recession we are in is the United States, but what would one expect when so many entities large and small rely on this nation? If the U.S. sneezes then everyone catches a cold, or even the flue. We were foolish in our spending habits, and reckless in trying to make our visions realities. Transparency was anything but; regulations were on permanent vacation; and greed was the order of the day. That said, the drunken party seemed to extend to nations far and near. Some stayed sober, but some did not. They hold some of the fault. But let’s just place the blame where it started – The U.S. We’re adults and can handle our responsibility.

Now looking at all those positives, and the current amount of negatives, why should any leader with an ounce of confidence and ability be pessimistic in the U.S.’s ability to get out of the current quagmire and back on firm ground that will carry it, and the world into the future? Because one thing is for certain, take the U.S. out of the global economy and who is ready to replace it?

I will continue to watch, listen, read, and where necessary criticize Obama and his lofty ambitions, but I will never let my support wane because I know he is saying, “Why can’t we…,” and that means, at least to me anyway, he has the will to succeed, and believes the United States does as well.


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