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I’m Back – A New Year On Life

I’m back from the abyss of my hiatus. I’ve posted a few messages and what not, but not the usually frenzied plethora of material that is common to UMInc. So let’s kick off this month with a quick but heartfelt update on someone I’ve been checking out for a few months now – Randy Pausch.

Unfortunately, Randy has passed away taking his journey for life to other realms. Time of departure is irrelevant, as Randy’s existence is timeless. For this secular world where we pay attention to physical time and the constraints arising there from it took Randy prematurely. But in doing so Randy gave us countless moments of life that will forever fill this World with joy and inspiration (see these two pages – Randy Pausch’s Home Page and “An Enduring Legacy”).

In a few days I will turn 33 years of age. I’m sure that most 33 year old men don’t believe that in 14 years they will no longer be on this Earth. I know I’m planning to live until a ripe old age. That said, Randy will always be in my mind as I travel through my years. I will try to make the most of each moment while living out the time I am given. I’ll keep an eye out for my health and do what I have to do to keep this aging body inline with a hearty spirit.

R.I.P. RP.


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