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What Would You Do?

Fearful of being laid off from your temp/contract job, what would you do? You find out that you are not going to be laid off (that’s a good thing), then one day you come to work to find your uniform not where it should be, what would you do? How about, kill a bunch of people by stabbing them with a knife. Or better yet, run them over then stab them with your knife. That sounds like it will solve your problems right quick, no?

Well unfortunately, the above story actually happened. What was really a misunderstanding turned out to be a bloodbath. I wonder what would have happened if said worker decided to ask his manager, “What happened to my uniform? It’s not where it usually is.” The manager, I bet, would say, “The uniforms are being dry cleaned. Sorry for the inconvenience. You can borrow a temporary one from storage.” Easy and clean. And people aren’t dead.

I sometimes look at incidents like this one and wonder about humanity. That wonderment isn’t very positive. Necessities of life like food are becoming so expensive some people can’t obtain what they need to survive. Water is being polluted, diverted, or drained in order to provide material wealth, greater living space, increased agricultural wealth, etc. Fuel prices are ridiculously high, and those who have the stranglehold on feel the situation should not change. And yes, you have people who decide to take the lives of others just because they were “upset.” I wonder what he would have done if his company openly lied to him while the CEO hung out in his penthouse villa paid for by the company? I dare imagine what would happen.

If this all sounds strange let me put it into firm context. A Japanese man killed people in Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan because he thought he might be laid off from work.

Akihabara is the electronic nerve center of Japan. If it blinks, talks, beeps, or anything else automated you can find it. Needless to say it is always crowded. This upset factory worker picked a ‘good’ place to do what ‘he felt he had to do.’

I can safely say, without a doubt, this guy is a dead man walking. You see the Japanese criminal justice system is not so forgiving in situations like these. From what news papers have said, this is cold-blooded murder. Place your bets, on how long this guy survives. And it really is a gamble because the Japanese criminal justice system will not tell this guys family, or anyone he knows, when he is going to be executed. They don’t want the commotion or emotion. He should just know that when the guard comes and asks him about his final meal, it will all be over soon. Savor that ramen.

To read coverage of this story click here at The New York Times Online, or here at The Japan Times Online.


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