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Barack Obama – The Threat of Real Diplomacy

So as Hillary revels in winning Puerto Rico (a place that has no voting power in the General Election), Barack is playing it cool just waiting for all official things to end, and for the super delegates to make a decision.

The real question I have now is, “Are people starting to run scared?” What do I mean? Are people ready for what Barack Obama wants to unleash? I’ve been watching and reading, reading and watching, and Obama has been fairly consistent in his messages. The one big one that really has made me stand up and in-depth read a bit more has been his position on meeting with foreign leaders of nations like Iran, North Korea, and Cuba. Nations with a history of being outcast and ostracized by the United States. Some see this as naivety, but I see this as visionary/groundbreaking foreign policy. Sometimes that can seem like naivety to the short and single-minded, but if we look at the past 8 years alone, what did the Bush Administration’s foreign policy direction get us, and the World? Another day older and deeper in debt. Look back at our policy against Cuba and ask, “Has it really made America and the World any more safe? Has it helped the people of Cuba?” No! and No!

It’s about time that the leaders come from behind the desk, from the back ranks to really lead in this time of battle. Barack Obama wants to do this by opening real dialogue. I think people are really scared that he might actually accomplish something useful. Instead of threatening with only bombs, guns, and big bad Tomahawk missiles, Barack wants to actually use all levels of diplomacy to secure U.S. national, and international security.

What would happen if he really shook the hand of Raul Castro, and opened dialogue with Cuba? McCain’s plan is really much of the same – isolation. Cuba has resisted until this point, why should anything change? But if we actually call them to the table and lay out real options for a viable future, what harm can that do? If we show the people of Cuba that the United States President is fully committed to changing things, couldn’t that raise the consciousness of the people to do something for themselves? Wouldn’t they be compelled to demand better? If it doesn’t work out then we go back to the same situation – embargo, embargo, embargo.

Well, I’m for Obama’s vision of a future built on constructive dialogue and not saber-rattling intimidation techniques. If that is naivety, I’ll take it.


  1. June 2, 2008 at 1:34 pm

    Can you tell me who did your layout? I’ve been looking for one kind of like yours. Thank you.

  2. Paul V
    June 2, 2008 at 2:40 pm

    The DNC is doing it best,, that is a load of crap, its doing it best for barack obama and for Hilary she should do what she has to during this election,, I Hope she goes independent, so much talk is she does anything she will hurt her self for any office later,, that is crap what is true,, the DNC and corporate media already did that by the way they treated her,, there are so many Hilary voter are not going to vote,, but I want my vote to count, So like so many Barack Obama supporter claim they do ,, If obama does not win the primary obama supporter will vote for McCain, well what goes around comes around, I do not support the DNC , I only support Hilary clinton, I will not wast my vote,, by not voting,, I will Vote for McCain, not because I want him to win, Because I do not want Barack Obama to win more,, I can put up with McCain for 4 years, His hands are tired with congress anyway,, not much he can get done with out congress,, when this election is over a new campaign will start,, that is to replace the DNC and all the senators congress men & woman who treated Hilary with so dis-respect
    When there Term is up,, so many Democrats will be replace with Democrats that will be for the poeple,,What goes around comes Around,

  3. June 3, 2008 at 12:48 pm

    Dear Paul V,

    It sounds like I can’t convince you to change your mind, but I ask you to.

    The corporate media didn’t anoint Barack and dethrone Hillary. She did it herself. Look back at her campaign, and his campaign. Barack made some gaffes. So did Hillary. Barack said some controversial things. So did Hillary. The thing is that Hillary made more substantial ones.

    In the end, the math was the deciding factor. The amount of delegates is the key thing, but now Hillary wants popular vote. The math is the decision maker in this situation. The media is repeating that.

    Now, I get on the media for a lot of things. Most of them having to do with bad reporting, and building something out of nothing. I will say, the pundits really seem to be forcing Hillary out. Don’t know why, but it is happening. Maybe like you say, what goes around comes around. Maybe it is pay back time for something Hillary did in the past. What goes around comes around.

    All this said, don’t vote McCain unless you really think Barack has a fundamental difference with him that you can’t get over. Hillary and Barack were virtually the same candidate just different skins. McCain is a whole other animal. His positions, thoughts, and policies are stagnant-go nowhere policies that will keep the American public in one place for the next four years, maybe 8, or on a course to worse. He really doesn’t offer any change. At least Barack and Hillary offered different ideas to the status quo. Vote for that. And if you do, I’m sure you will vote Obama.

    Thanks for the commentary.


  4. June 3, 2008 at 1:01 pm

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    I love this theme. Simple and clean, and the colors go with most any photo I load into the image header. Did I mention the image header is customizable? The best feature by far.


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