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Japanese Women Say, “We’re fed-up and we’re not gonna take it anymore!”

The title may sound like Japanese women are ready to overthrow the government or something, but not really the case. This situation is a bit more serious I think. Divorce is our central theme, which according to the article, “Learn to Be Nice to Your Wife, or Pay the Price – Japan’s Salarymen, With Pensions At Stake, Work on Their Marriages” by Washington Post Foreign Service writer Blaine Harden, has gone up since the passing of a law that allow for wives to receive up to 50% of their husbands company pension after a divorce settlement. This new law went into action April 2007, so it has been just over a year since implementation. I don’t have any current numbers as they are probably being tallied. But “when the new law went into effect in April, divorce filings across Japan spiked 6.1 percent.” Troubling indeed. Housewives who have spent decades dealing with neglect are now ready to take half. In response to this men are joining Zenkoku Teishu-kanpaku Kyokai, The National Chauvinistic Association. During the various meetings/training sessions they learn how to be “good husbands.” Here are the Check out the article as it is an interesting read.

Also check out “Weekend Beat/ Husbands reform to keep from getting dumped” by Contributing Writer Ayako Karino, in the International Herald Tribune/The Asahi Shimbun. This article has the “10 Degrees of Marital Enlightenment” (see below). A slightly different, but wonderful perspective to the above article.

Degrees of marital enlightenment (from lowest to highest)

1st dan – I still love my love after three years of marriage.
2nd dan – I’m good at helping out around the house.
3rd dan – I’ve never had an affair,or my wife hasn’t noticed.
4th dan – I’m carrying out a “ladies first” attitude.
5th dan – I can take a walk with my loving wife while holding her hand.
6th dan – I can listen attentively to what my loving wife has to say.
7th dan – I can solve my wife’s problems with my mother in one night.
8th dan – I can say, “Thank you,” without hesitation.
9th dan – I can say, “Sorry,” without fear.
10th dan – I can say, “I love you,” without blushing.

To round things out, the one major question/comment I have is, “Why do the women wait so long to voice their opinions about the situation? Why wait till years have passed and now money is on the line?”


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