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The Weekly Rant Is Back With – “SoundBite Nation”

Back with another rant, and this time I take on the public and corporate media. Soundbites are all we get from corporate media every night and morning. It seems that the only thing people are getting on Barack are character issues that come from people who don’t speak for him. Snippets of Reverend Wright play and play all over the place without ever delving deeper. News pundits comment and comment on the simple footage, and then attach those remarks to Barack Obama. Obama denounces the words and actions, says all he can, but that isn’t enough. And it seems the media keep pushing it, based on soundbites. Ultimately, all the Reverend Wright stuff will go away if the media stop pushing it. If they want to turn the heat up on Obama, ask him real questions about policy. We vote too much on character and not enough on policy. Get away from the soundbites. Look deeper. Check out The Weekly Rant.


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