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Where Are the NHL Playoffs?

With March Madness over and the NFL in limbo land America is in sports transition. We are transitioning to the most exciting time in U.S. sports – the beginning of the Major League Baseball season, the NBA Playoffs are almost here, and greatest of all the NHL Playoffs are here. All leagues play ridiculously long regular season schedules only to enter a second season when the playoffs start. Everything is a series, and in most cases the match-ups and battles are compelling. Check most major networks (ESPN, TNT, ABC, etc.) and you’ll find the MLB and NBA. Watch the Yankees spend more money on trying to win, and see the Spurs take the championship – again. But, the best post-season in U.S. sports goes unnoticed – the NHL Playoffs. Seeing a triple overtime game in the regular season is rare, but in the post-season it’s what you expect. Goalies show up for work everyday. The good regular-season goalies become great, and the great regular-season goalies become legendary. New stars appear out of nowhere, while the veterans show why they are still on the ice. This is easily my favorite sports post-season with March Madness, the NBA and the NFL tied for a close second.

That said, the only thing that gets me is the NHL hasn’t gotten a ‘real’ TV deal in quite some time. They flop around on the “Outdoor Whatever Network,” which is now called “Versus.” Highlights of this channel’s programming include “Bulls,” “World Extreme Cagefighting,” “Big Fish Madness,” “The Tour de France,” and of course the “NHL.” Interesting lineup. Versus has exclusive rights to show NHL games anytime from anywhere. Aside the few scattered games that appear on NBC, TSN, and CBC Versus is your channel for the best post-season competition in sports (in my humble opinion). You can see the entire NHL TV schedule right here.

A really cool sidenote to this is that Versus is showing all its games via streaming video. Not sure how the process of obtaining this access goes, but I know it is out there. One might have to mess around on the website. Versus knows how to reach me on the internet, but they can’t seem to get a game on ESPN/ABC…Go figure? Enjoy the hockey.


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