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Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.

This week was not only April Fool’s Week, but also the 40th Anniversary of the death of a prophet. He did not make it to the promise land, and like Moses he reached the mountain top far before those following him. The great trick was not on MLK Jr. but on The United States of America.

If Reverend King had lived would we be talking about race during these political times? If he was alive right now what responsibilities would the white, and black communities have with regards to helping each other? If this prophet were walking these streets would he have achieved his war against poverty? With the immense wealth of the United States, financially and culturally, I believe he would be ashamed and disappointed by a willing lack of the dissemination of resources to the hands and mouths of the most needy. That said, he would be the first to say that we cannot lose hope, and that we must carry-on no matter how long it takes.

I will not make this long, so here are some MLK sites. Check them out for all things MLK. Thanks

MLK Online – http://www.mlkonline.net/
NPR – National Public Radio – http://www.npr.org/news/specials/march40th/speeches.html
Stanford MLK Archives – http://www.stanford.edu/group/King/publications/speeches/contents.htm

Peace Be Unto You

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