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Spitzer Spat onto the Seedy Streets

He’s gone. Former Governor Eliot Spitzer is out of the New York State politics business. The New York Times Online has the full round up as well as the lowdown on the Lieutenant Governor David Paterson.

Bottomline – Spitzer had to go. He made his name busting so-called wrong doers on Wall Street and in the rest of New York City. He preached morals, ethics, and higher than above average personal standards. He even broke up a prostitution ring or two. How could he possibly stay in office after being caught with a US$4300 an hour prostitute?

I’m glad he didn’t drag this out, and understands that if you live by the standards you set, you die by those same standards.

The truly sad thing is that he has two daughter who are of the age where they know very well what is going on. They are not little kids. And his wife, whether she had any clue or not, must be totally fuming with disappointment, humiliation, and anger. He has a very attractive family. Why risk the reputation, the family, and the future for a night with a prostitute? The psychology baffles me to the nth degree…


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