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From Philly to Pitt to the Dutch Country – What Up PA!!!!

So this is what it comes down to – Pennsylvania. Could this decide the Democratic nominee for President of the United States? Or could this just cause more division within the Democratic party? Major questions for a party that at one time looked untouchable in the run to November and the outting of one George W. Bush. Now, we have to wonder a bit because it seems that the battle between candidates is allowing the Republican nominee John McCain to solidify a general election campaign. The biggest thing McCain has to worry about is not being seen or heard because the Titans are battling in thunderous clashes that would make Zeus afraid. He has to keep up appearances otherwise all the good work he did will be lost. Out of sight, out of mind.

So anyway, Pennsylvania is the next crucial battleground. On April 22nd the people of the Keystone State will give their voices to the political process. It is my opinion that the people of Ohio and Texas told Barack – “Don’t play Hillary’s game. If you want to talk about change then be that change. Don’t stoop to her levels, otherwise this will happen – you will lose.” What will the people of Pennsylvania say? Will all those dried up mining towns speak up and demand more talk about the economy? Will the candidates enter into that discussion?

The one thing I know is this – We are witnessing history. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have redefined U.S. American political history. Regardless of the outcome in Pennsylvania, and then Indiana and North Carolina, and even Florida and Michigan, this has been a change nomination process. In the end, nothing can go backwards from this – Or at least lets hope so.

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