Even I Say – “No Monster Here!!”

Another letter to the Hillary Clinton campaign. This one gets sent to Terry McAuliffe, Chairman of Hillary Clinton for President. In a campaign such as this words matter. How do you forget that? In calling someone a monster you’re opening yourself up for criticism and back lash. Anyway, here’s the letter.

Dear Terry,

I know you won’t actually see this but I will write it anyway – exercising true free speech.

The Clintons started this attack stuff, and Barack is countering using your playbook. Although I don’t agree with such tactics, and wished Barack would totally stay away from this sort of thing, it is fair play taking into account what your campaign has done thus far.

That said, I don’t believe Hillary is a “monster”, and that Barack aide has resigned herself from relations with the Barack campaign. I still hold Barack accountable for associating with such people and allowing this to happen on his watch – poor character judgment. Hillary Clinton is a tough and meticulous woman who knows what she wants and how to get it. I think if this were a man, no one would be saying, “he’s a monster.” I think we reserve that term for your Hitlers, Stalins, and Jack the Rippers. Hillary surely is no where near that crowd. Not even in the same universe.

So, while I won’t give you my money, I will give you my conscious. What you shouldn’t do is continue the negativity by slashing back at Barack. If he goes this route he will see the error of his ways because he will lose. You are right – one cannot talk about ‘Hope’ and ‘Change’ then go through the same old playbook. I think voters saw what he was doing in Ohio and Texas and sent him a message – “Barack, you started the Hope and Change rhetoric, now live up to it.” His newly acquired $55 million will buy him air time, but what it will not buy him is votes, and he needs that more.

Wayne Malcolm

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