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A new The Weekly Rant is up and ready to go. Do third party candidates really make a difference? How much did Ralph Nader cause Al Gore, the Democrats, the U.S. American public, and the World to lose out on the past 8 years? I personally think he didn’t, but some differ with me. Check out The Weekly Rant.


  1. March 11, 2008 at 3:52 am

    What about the news that NY Governor Elliot Spitzer, who ran a campaign about changing the ethical standards of NY politics, is included in a FBI investigation into a prostitution ring…they have him on tape and email ordering an escort send from NY to his hotel room in Washington DC…

  2. March 11, 2008 at 6:27 am


    Spitzer needs to retire and talk with his family.

    That service he used had been operating in DC for quite a while – The Emperor’s Club. I actually lived in DC and saw ads for that club in local city entertainment papers. Never listed the prices, but one knows by the name what you have to shell out. It was way out of my pay grade.

    If you’ve ever seen the show The West Wing, a political drama that was on NBC. In it one of the President’s aides, Sam Seaborn (played by actor Rob Lowe), accidentally slept with a high priced prostitute. He was at some party just chillin and met her on one of her off nights. So, in the show you see some of her clients as they make it a storyline – Sam liked the girl…personal life affecting professional life. She was going to Georgetown Law School by day and doing this ‘job’ by night. She was making enough to put her through GTown. That’s not a small price tag, so you can imagine what kind of money she was drawing in. I think, in the show, she said she was making like twice Sam’s salary. Her clients were diplomats, elected officials, various “important” people etc. She didn’t ask too many questions, and did what was asked. From the show, you can get sort of a feel for what Spitzer was involved with.

    In the end though, no matter what the intention, this is wrong. You can’t traffic and sell people like that. Not only is it illegal by rule of law, but rule of human decency.

    Am I surprised? No. Live in DC, and hang out with these people and you will see and hear things way out there. I very rarely get surprised. What would really stun me is if I heard McCain’s, or Obama’s names were on that list, or even Hillary’s. I’d probably have a heart attack if heard Hillary’s name. Yes, there are male prostitute services like this, and the men get paid lots of money also. Rather heartbreaking really.

    This is Washington, and electoral politics. These people feel invincible and feel they have to answer to no one. They feel they can get away with anything. If Spitzer were single and didn’t have a family, not much of a problem other than he fought against this stuff. He’s a hypocrite now. But add the family link to it, and this becomes fully and utterly despicable.

    Spitzer has to go. End of story.

    Thanks for the commentary.


  3. March 12, 2008 at 2:40 pm

    They may be in DC but his girl took a train from NY to meet with “Caller 9” … I love that this guy went above and beyond to take the “I am going to bring back accountability and ethics to NY…” and then he goes and does this. It is not surprising but pathetic.

  4. March 12, 2008 at 10:08 pm


    I agree with you. That little action of getting prostitutes to go across state lines might get him in some serious legal trouble, if it is show that he in some way coerced these girls to come to him. $4300 is a big price tag. Maybe they refused at first and he upped the ante. Could be serious. Yeah, this guy is totally pathetic, especially since, from what I saw, his wife is pretty good looking, and seems to be in rather nice shape. What are you paying $4300 an hour for? I just hope he wasn’t using tax money to do this. The brotha got caught because of a tax inquiry in combination with a sting operation. He has to resign as governor. Pathetic indeed.


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