Letter to the Barack Obama Campaign

After receiving another email from the Barack Obama campaign via email I sent this letter to them. I addressed it to David Plouffe, Barack’s Campaign Manager. I entitled it, “UNITY NOT MONEY WILL CREATE REAL CHANGE”.

Dear David,

I support Barack, but I do not give money to campaigns. I will write letters, make calls, email people, but I do not give money to campaigns. Money is what is ruining politics, Washington, and this country. If you guys are really serious about change then accept McCain’s $85 million dollar offer. Accept it wholeheartedly and do away with all the perverseness that keeps this nation from achieving it’s goals. Barack can change that script, if he his serious.

I urge you to sit down with the Clinton campaign, as well as Democratic leadership, to talk about a real strategy of change. A real strategy of unity. Both Barack and Hillary can continue to run for the nominee, but stop with negative ads like the Ohio mailer. If you want to raise issues with NAFTA, raise them, but keep it to NAFTA, and do not mention Senator Clinton’s name. If she goes after you then take the high road and say, “We are not talking about you and whether you supported it or not. We are talking about it now as it stands and how it can be improved upon. Let’s let the American people decide which version sounds better.” Do not spin things and present Barack’s honest opinion because from my vantage point I’m not sure what to believe right now.

Your campaign has raised, and spent, over 100 million dollars in a time when oil prices are at an all time high thus causing gas prices to sky rocket. Coupled with an economic sluggishness (recession) the country does not need more negativity. People gave you hard-earned money to hear plans for improvement, not nonsensical tither tatter. So I say, don’t give the Clintons the opportunity to be negative. You’ve been doing a good job at this, but have faltered a bit. Keep it steady.

Right now the Republicans are gearing up and by the Summer will be running a finely tuned general election campaign. No matter who is the Democratic nominee they will be changing gears very quickly. Create party unity now. Reach out to the Clinton campaign and move forward with positivity. Stop the rhetoric of “we won, she lost”. Using language like “help fight this two-front battle” seems hyperbolic to me. We are already fighting real wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, unfortunately. The American people are already paying for those wars, don’t make them pay for one that REALLY doesn’t need to be happening.

In 2000 I voted for Ralph Nader, as he was actually speaking to the change theme back then. And do all the math you want he didn’t lose the election for Gore. Gore’s lack of character lost that election. In the absence of dynamic leadership the masses will turn to whomever is speaking the most and showing some character. The Republicans had their supporters, and the Democrats lost theirs. Don’t let that happen again this year. Don’t beat yourselves up trying to kill off Hillary that you lose focus on the main prize – The White House.


Wayne Malcolm

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