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Republicans Closing Ranks – Democrats Beware – The Party Must Unite

With Mitt Romney (former Republican Governor of Massachusetts) closing down operations the GOP race is playing out exactly the way I had expected. According to the New York Times Online, Mitt Romney has officially dropped out of the race for the Republican nomination for President of the United States.

This move plays to the overall favor of John McCain (Republican Senator from Arizona) because knowing the mentality of most Republicans they see this as one more step towards unifying the party. McCain has positioned himself as the candidate that doesn’t push people to the extremes of the Republican party – a Centrist Conservative if you must. Mike Huckabee (former Governor of Arkansas), the other GOP candidate, on the other hand relies on Christian Conservatives as his base. A powerful but rather extremist group that can alienate the larger voting population. So, when it comes down to it, in my opinion, he is not electable.

I would include Ron Paul (Republican Representative from Texas) in this commentary but I just can’t see him winning out. He has some noble philosophies and policies, but in the end his extremism is not what this country needs, at this time. I do think he can be an important player in the national election, as an advisor, or even running mate. But that is another day, another story. Sorry Ronny. That said, back to the frontrunners.

McCain appeals to the ever more important Independent voter, and Conservative Democrat who could be on-the-fence. I believe Huckabee will bow out soon (as with Paul, hopefully). If this happens, the Republicans will be so far ahead of the Democrats. They will in fact be running a national race. I can see it now – “Vote Republican as we are the party of unity. The Democrats can’t even decide who they want to be President. Such indecision is a quality we cannot have in the Executive branch of this government.”

I thought when Hillary, Barack and Edwards took the stage the Republicans were done, but I always had in the back of my mind that if McCain could just keep things going, he could make things difficult for the Dems. This is happening. If I were the Democratic leadership, I would reach out to Hillary and Barack and tell them, “Stop killing each other. Talk with each other. Reach agreements on ideas. Truly debate the issues. Talk policy not empty rhetoric. Concentrate on the Republicans not each other because no matter who wins we need to be unified.” That’s what the Democrats need to be doing right now because when it comes down to it, the Republicans will stand by whomever they choose. They will live and die with their choice (example 1 – The 8 year tenure of Lame Duck President Dubya). A close friend of mine once said, “The Democrats need to come together because the one thing you know about Republicans is, the majority of them, and that’s what matters, will go to war for their nominee.” I can only reiterate this one more time – Democrats Unite!

I’ve always hated partisanship in politics because when it comes down to it these people all want the same thing – a healthy and prosperous United States of America. Of course they have different ideas of what that is, so I guess partisanship can’t be helped. But if the Democrats want to be ones leading the charge and creating the talking points they need to take a lesson from the Grand Old Party, and when it comes time, unite under one candidate.

One last piece of advice from the Democrats – If they can stand united and under one umbrella we will prosper, but if they are divided we all will fall (see the last 7 years as proof).

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