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Super Bowl XLII History

So the day of one super contest is over, and on Tuesday another one will take place. The National Football League Super Bowl XLII lived up to the expectations. I will keep this commentary short and sweet because talk was cheap, and actions spoke much louder than words.

The Giants beat the Patriots. And they just didn’t beat the Patriots they man-handled the Patriots in a way that no one could really have believed. The Giants socked and rocked Tom Brady from pillar to post. The Giants stuffed and stomped the Patriots all day. The Giants played like GIANTS while the Patriots played less than Patriotic. Scampering for his life Tom Brady was sacked more in this game than he had been all season. The Giants got to him. When Tom Brady called out a play he got served up a white shirt and side order of dirt.

This was the formula, and the Giants touched upon it in their first meeting during the regular season. The only exception was that during the regular season they didn’t play for 60 minutes. They let the Patriots come back. But today was the complete game.

So, this is how the perfect season ends. Let’s give the Patriots the credit they deserve. Great regular season, and they survived the playoffs, but in the end the Giants kicked their butts, and took the championship. In one respect I wish they won so they could have shut up the 1972 Dolphins. I had never realized how self-obsessed they are about that perfect season. It’s not like any of them cured cancer, or devised a system for national health care. They one a game, and in the process entertained a lot of people. Anyway, that is for another article.

Here’s to the Giants. Congratulations to all!! Great game.

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