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From Stem Cells to Clones to Your Terminator

So many of the technologies we use today were discovered in a pursuit to help humanity. The car, the airplane, the telephone, the television, the light bulb, the list goes on. Still, we can also say that many discoveries ended up manipulated into things that ultimately re-shaped history on genocidal proportions. The gun, atomic energy, viral manipulation, DNA mapping, the list goes on. Would there have been a Cold War if we didn’t drop two atomic bombs on Japan? Would we be talking about biological and chemical warfare if we hadn’t discovered

NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams ran a story that talked about the latest advancements in stem cell research. Basically, scientists have the ability to make a highly probably fully functional embryo, that could grow into a human. Although the researchers in the piece said they do not want to make a clone of themselves, and want to use the technology to cure “incurable” diseases, I’m always suspect about these kinds of ‘discoveries.’

Remember that scene in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines where the General presses the button to bring Skynet online…I remember him saying something like, “…I opened Pandora’s Box…” Don’t we ever learn from our mistakes? Maybe not. Just visit the Atomic Dome in Hiroshima, Japan and then take a walk through the Atomic Bomb Museum and see the mistakes of us humans. The deployment of that bomb gave justification for the modern day arms race, and set human history on its proverbial ear.

I’m sure when Einstein and his contemporaries discovered atomic energy, and postulated the benefits to human civilization they didn’t imagine it would actually be used to kill other humans, willfully. What is it about humans where feel that we can push everything to the extreme, and feel justified to inflict immeasurable damage to get our way? The more I think about stem cell research and embryonic cloning I can’t help but shiver at the what might happen when taken to the extremes of human imagination.

The battlefield is perfumed by the stench of human carcass. One would think no military force could be this great, but since the governments of the world discovered cloning it became easy to mass produce armies thus fueling battles for decades, even centuries. The cracking skulls beneath your feet are not from your brother or sister, or your neighbor down the street, but carbon copies of them all. No ‘real’ connections. No ‘real’ attachments. Grown for the mega battles. Constructed to feel no pain. Honed to be the perfect fighting machine. To live and die for one reason – war.

This may sound like the script for the movie The Terminator, but every time I watch the news I feel that movie isn’t far from reality. The latest research with stem cells only makes me more apprehensive towards optimistic feelings that humans will actually correct the errors of their past and move past the want for power. I have all the confidence that the technology will be used to cure disease, but I also know it will be manipulated into a weapon for war…Or maybe this is the time I am happily wrong.

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