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In the NOVA Wake

NOVA Usagi On High, of Crashing From the High?

So NOVA is about to be liquidated, and for many who live outside of Japan you might be asking yourself, “What is NOVA?” Well, it was the largest English conversation school in Japan, and recently due to, in my personal opinion, poor management and lack of proactiveness from the top management core is ruined. It has made a deal with a company called G Communication, which runs a subsidiary company called G Education, to hand over control of the remaining NOVA branch schools. NOVA had over 600 branch schools around Japan, but now G Education will decide whether to open these branches or…? The key thing is that what people knew of NOVA is over, and a new system will eventually be in place. Whether this will help the corporate culture is anyone’s guess.

A few major points to make – 1) Students seem to have been left out to dry as they aren’t really getting fully compensated for lost investments (G Education seems to have skirted around that issue); 2) There is no guarantee that all branches will open as the new management has indicated that it plans to reopen up to 200, and I gather that was if the company sees it necessary/worthwhile; 3) the teachers have been thrown into serious limbo with issues ranging to getting rehired, receiving back salary, and even validity of VISA status, not to mention a slew of other things (where to live among them); 4) and probably the most disturbing point – the lack of government oversight/intervention in such an issue. The Japan government seems paralyzed by this situation. It makes me think, “What if the government officials are protecting his/her own interests?” Japanese government officials wouldn’t be the first to act crookedly and unjust. I for one was hoping for better.

To get a more indepth view of this story check out – LetsJapan.org and JapanEconomyNews.com. LetsJapan.org is more of a blog with a lot of personal rants, still it has good information and English translations of major news stories. JapanEconomyNews.com is the more technical of the two sites and gives great insight from a business point of view. The commentary is really good as well.

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