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A Voice Louder In Private Than Public

So Al Gore won the 2007 Nobel Peace Price, and of course calls for him to run for President of the United States ring loud. Still though the answers to these calls seem to be an even louder – “No one home.” I would like to see Gore stay where he is. Sometimes a person’s influence can be diminished by gaining “public power.” I feel this is Gore’s situation. As a private citizen he can actually get angry and say things directly not having to bite his tongue, worrying about political fallout.

Regardless of the validity of global warming Gore has raised a huge issue – environmental destruction. No one can argue that humans are destroying the natural environment via industrial waste, personal waste, and overall lack of respect for Mother Nature. From killing whales and over fishing the World’s oceans to chopping down rainforests and exploitation of natural resources humans are not helping the health of the Earth.

I for one hope that Al Gore doesn’t run for President of the United States, but instead uses his international influence to place pressure on governments, corporations and people to act responsibly towards the environment.

  1. October 23, 2007 at 7:53 pm

    Totally agree with your point of view. Everyone has his/her role, and Gore’s one may be, as you said, to draw attention of people in the right position. At any rate, let’s hope that he is the one who changes the world!

  2. October 31, 2007 at 10:25 am

    Hopefully people listen to him. I would say that even if the planet can handle the current situation what is so bad with reducing the amount of pollution we throw into the environment. Forget about global warming, does anyone want acid rain pouring down on them? Does anyone want to be drinking cyanide, carbon monoxide, methane, etc.? Hopefully we wake up as a society.

    Thanks for your insights.

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