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All About the Love….Hotel

Recently a statistic came out that said something to the effect that Japanese people weren’t having as much sex as those from other equally industrious nations, and led ridiculously stressful lives. Apparently the Japanese were low culture on the totem pole of sex (I will have to say that, gladly, around my house this statistic is not known). Anyway, I wonder how thorough the researchers did their homework? The article I just read tells me something different. Check this out – http://search.japantimes.co.jp/cgi-bin/fb20070826dr.html – This is a book review of a book that talks about one of Japan’s biggest industries. If you haven’t used the link already, what is the industry you might ask – not Sumo, a national sport (or sports in general for that matter); not computer technology, huge in its own right; no the industry that draws in about 4 trillion yen a year (study math and do the conversion) and services over 1.3 million people daily – Love Hotels.

Yes folks, the Japanese are indeed having sex, and lots of it. The industry is making money hands over…Use your imagination for that one. Now, I have to admit in the guise of full disclosure that my wife and I have used a love hotel. And with that – it was great! Not just the sex part which was of course great, but the room itself was something we couldn’t have created in our own home, and we don’t have children (yet). Think about what it would be like to have the kids one day come home and see mom and dad’s room looking like something out of Moulin Rouge? The explanation might be worth the effort, or not. Anyway, love hotels are being used and in a country with 99% Japanese people, it’s safe to say that Japanese people are filling those lovely love hotel rooms.

Now, one might think that the good rooms are expensive, while the vast majority are cheap and crappy. Maybe in some other countries that don’t take safety in this realm seriously, but in Japan, trust me when I say, no worries mate. Anyone can afford a nice, clean room complete with complimentary protection. So throw out that notion that the Japanese don’t know things about protection and that they don’t like using condoms. Bottomline is, the choice is yours, the hotel people can’t put the fuckin’ thing on for you. If you pay to play use the equipment provided I say. Anyway, the rooms are great. There are big screen TVs, plush couches, cool paintings on the ceiliings, and of course karaoke machines (this is Japan of course). On top of all that they are accessible and inexpensive, and most of all – safe.

So, drop the kids off with grandma and grandpa and take your mate out on a love hotel date. Get away from the rat race and slow down the pace – use a love hotel. Duck out from that meeting, meet your honeybunny down at the love hotel for a long lunch and some good times. Go back to that meeting with a smile (In Japan the meeting will still be going on and you probably wouldn’t have been missed anyway).

Lastly, as you might have guessed I am married. This isn’t a thing just for the singles. Married couples can use them as well, and I don’t mean to cheat and have affairs. I am happily married and very satisfied. If I’m going to a love hotel it’s going to be with my wife whom I love and want to get freaky with. I think if more couples went to love hotels and broke out in the safe and sensual surroundings they will find reasons not to cheat. I’ll just say that the atmosphere lends to a different sexual attitude being released, and one that you might find will follow you out of the room and into your “regular” life. Like I said, I love the love hotel deal because it allowed me and my wife a place to get really freaky (not that we had or have a problem with that anywhere else). I wish people would use them responsibly but alas I can’t control that.

So, when you hear and read that Japanese people aren’t having sex and leading these stressful lives ask the researchers of these studies, “Did you do any background data checking into sex at love hotels?” Maybe the statistic would change, who knows?

Peace ya’ll.

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  1. September 6, 2007 at 12:02 pm

    Hey Wayne,
    I m with ya on the love hotels. We re doing our best to up the stats here in Matsumoto too but it s tough when you re only one couple and you re living in a country of 125000000.
    I ve jumped ship. last day oct 4. Just hope S.S. Nova stays afloat till then

  2. Will
    April 8, 2009 at 8:15 am

    Hey MatsumotoBrother,
    Can you recommend a good love hotel in Matsumoto? I’m going to be there next month with my lady.


  3. April 11, 2009 at 11:05 am

    Will, the Toyoko Inn seems to be only place to stay. Not sure of anything else. This was all Matsumoto Brother gave me.


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